You think swimming with you is something I’d ever not take seriously? It’s because it’s so serious to me that I can’t just pretend I understand now! But there’s one thing I do know. I want to swim more. This isn’t enough.

Noiz’s pretty face in ep.10

Happy birthday bae Sousuke 1409


Rei: Shougo...come over tonight. It's been awhile.
Shougo: I'll be there! I'll totally be there!
Rei: But only after you finish all your work properly.
Shougo: I'll finish it all! Perfectly! And in record time!
Anonymous asked: "what anime is this from? /post/78922669413/cross-road-scenery"

is from cross road is a -> [commercial] (?) 

“ i knew that it would turn out like this someday…


Everyone! Just an important note to read, and then you can do whatever you want. It is absolutely a must, that no one must talk about the 143rd chapter of the Tokyo Ghoul on Ishida Sui-sensei’s twitter. If I said no one, not anyone else has the right to, even us. Remember that we are illegally reading Tokyo Ghoul, and we’re actually advance in terms with the real release date. Piracy is a critical issue in Japan. If you want to ask, or rant him, wait ‘till the release date (Sep. 18)

This Week in Anime


Free! Eternal Summer: causes emotional pain 

Tokyo Ghoul: causes physical pain

Zankyou no Terror: causes psychological pain 


New Free! Eternal Summer poster with the Samezuka boys in Animage Magazine (10/2014) illustrated by animation director Shoko Ikeda (池田晶子). 


New Free! Eternal Summer poster with the Samezuka boys in Animage Magazine (10/2014) illustrated by animation director Shoko Ikeda (池田晶子). 

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - Joker's smiles in ep. 10


↳ Knife, Badassery & Levi [x


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Rin and Makoto conspiring to make Haru happy is my favorite thing.

Combined attack.